Diamond 4C Standard

        The Genetic Diamond is a genuine and uncompromisingly authentic diamond, and the 4Cs of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have long been used as a globally accepted system for grading the quality and value of diamonds. They can also be diamond graded by GIA according to the prestigious international 4C standards.


    Color is one of the main factors that determine the price of diamonds. Due to the hard work of Genetic Diamond scientists, Genetic Diamond can extract extremely pure carbon elements from samples at a relatively low cost to make colorless genetic memorial diamonds. Colorless diamonds are the most difficult varieties to cultivate in the field of artificial memorial diamonds, and their prices are 2-3 times that of colored (mainly yellow and orange) cultivated diamonds.

Carat weight

    Carat represents the weight of the diamond. Since the laboratory cultivation and processing cannot be accurate to a specific weight, the Genetic Diamond can only provide a range of specifications for customers to choose from. The primary color diamonds can currently be stably cultivated to a maximum size of 2.0-2.25ct.


    Based on previous data, we can at least guarantee that the Genetic Diamond has SI clarity, and in most cases, the Genetic Diamond that we cultivate are VS and above clarity.


    Customers can choose any cutting method, round cutting is suitable for any specification, special-shaped cutting is suitable for diamonds above 0.2 carats. Our laboratory has its own cutting department and is equipped with excellent cutters and polishers. Our standard cutting grade is at least Very Good in the industry, and we often cut perfect hearts and arrows diamonds.