Genetic Diamond

A New Peak in Commemorative Jewelry World

        The history of commemorative jewelry dates back to 17th century England and reached its peak during the Victorian period. Even in today’s antique jewelry market, you might still come across a piece of commemorative jewelry made of hair and gold combined, and they all cost a fortune, especially those priceless ones belonging to emperors, war heroes, politicians, actors and famous writers.

        Whether it is the earliest brooches with a hidden box in which a strand of hair is kept, or the “hollow ball” earrings from the 19th century, in which the hair is meticulously braided and divided into strands with gold, “hair” has always been the most important element in these commemorative jewels.     

        Today, with cutting-edge technology, Genetic Diamond extracts carbon from hair, to cultivate it into the meaningful Genetic Diamond commemorative diamond. The 400-year-old commemorative jewelry has reached a new peak and is back in fashion worldwide.

Genetic Diamond
Natural Diamonds and Imitation Diamonds

Refraction Fire Gloss Mohs’ scale of hardness Density Chemical composition
Genetic Diamond 2.42 0.044 17.20% 10 3.52 Carbon
Natural Diamonds 2.42 0.044 17.20% 10 3.52 Carbon
Moissanite 2.65 0.104 20.40% 9.25 3.21 Silicon Carbide
Zircon 2.17 0.066 N/A 8.25 5.8 Zirconium Dioxide