Common questions

        Because genetic diamonds are made from the customer’s personal sample and have no re-sale value, Genetic Diamonds are not accepted for return unless a third party authority (FGA,GIA, IGI,  etc.) can certify that the diamond is not a cultured diamond. Please be aware that once the customization process has begun, it cannot be stopped, so samples cannot be returned after the customer has paid the first deposit.

    For the specific transfer method, you can contact the customer service staff for details, and we will recommend the branch closest to you to serve you.

        We guarantee the authenticity of the Genetic Diamond, including its physical properties, optical effects, chemical composition, and carbon source. The authenticity of the diamond is further confirmed by a world-renowned jewelry certification report.

        On average, Genetic Diamond are produced in 1-3 months, usually around 2 months, although the exact time is affected by the size of the diamond and the number of orders we receive. The entire process is highly complex and time-consuming, and we prioritize the quality of our diamonds and provide our customers with access to the progress of their culture at any time.

        Because Genetic Diamond insists that only a flawless, colorless diamond can represent our unwavering and eternal love. Other institutions offer rough diamonds mainly because of the limitations of their carbon extraction technology, which does not allow for the extraction of ultra-high purity carbon elements. However, at Genetic Diamond, we have our own unique technology in this area, and we prefer to help our customers enjoy higher quality at a lower cost.

        To ensure the quality of the product, only 1 Genetic Diamond of 0.3 carats or more can be grown per sample. If a larger number is needed, the number of samples can be increased.

        The size of the Genetic Diamond is not strictly dependent on the size of the sample provided. All you need to provide is 3-5 grams of hair or 100 grams of ashes.

        First, when we receive a sample from a customer, a customer service representative will personally place the sample in a uniquely numbered container that will only be opened in our laboratory. In order to ensure the accuracy of the samples provided by customers during the production process, Genetic Diamond has a professional person in charge of each step of the production process to ensure the consistency of the carbon source, and the person in charge of each step of the production process to sign to ensure that there is no mistake. When you receive your Genetic Diamond, you will also receive this carbon source certificate, which confirms that the carbon source is correct.

        Yes, of course. GE synthesized the first artificial diamond using graphite (carbon) in a laboratory setting back in the 1950s. And since the human body contains about 20% carbon, the production of diamonds from biological samples such as hair or even ashes is only an extension of this technology, and the extraction of high-purity carbon from the samples is precisely the advantage of Genetic Diamond’s technology, which is required for HPHT diamond synthesis.

        Genetic Diamond is a real diamond that can be identified and certified by any gem identification agency. It has the same physical properties, optical effects and chemical composition as natural diamonds. The only difference between Genetic Diamond and natural diamonds is that the carbon of natural diamonds comes from the ground, while the carbon elements of Genetic Diamond come from your loved ones.

P.S.: Natural diamond & artificial diamond = real diamond, zircon = imitation diamond ≠ artificial diamond.