Production technology

HPHT diamond synthesis technology

       HPHT technology is high temperature and high pressure technology. Diamond is a single crystal composed of carbon atoms, while graphite is also a substance composed of carbon atoms. The two are only different in their atomic structure, but they bring about huge differences in physical properties, chemical properties, and commercial value.

        At present, only a few countries in the world have mastered the technology to synthesize gem-quality diamonds. After years of hard work, Genetic Diamond has become an industry leader in memorial   diamonds. And obtained a number of technical patents (PATENT NUMBER 2117173.1)

Carbon extraction technology

        Genetic Diamond is an innovation based on HPHT diamond synthesis technology. The only difference is that the raw material for synthetic diamonds is no longer natural graphite, but graphite composed of human carbon atoms. We use a series of patented methods(PATENT  NUMBER  2117172.3) such as physical grinding and vacuum heating to separate and purify the carbon element from the sample into extremely high-purity carbon powder, and then graphitize the obtained carbon powder through high pressure to produce graphite discs for HPHT technology.