Gene memorial diamond

Make companionship eternal

Brand Introduction

The unchanging love in my heart, like gold and diamond, shines forever.
Inspired by this, we created the beautiful and timeless Genetic Diamond, a genetic memorial diamond.

Genetic Diamond

Natural diamonds are formed by carbon under high temperature and high pressure conditions deep in the earth. Genetic Diamond scientists simulated the high-temperature and high-pressure environment of nature in the laboratory, extracted the carbon elements in the samples and made them into Genetic Diamond genetic memorial diamonds.

Production technology

Our scientists have simulated the high temperatures and pressures in the laboratory to create Genetic Diamond

Diamond 4C Standard

Genetic Diamond is genuine and real, and it can also be rated by GIA according to the authoritative 4C international standard

Certification authority

After production, Genetic Diamond will be sent to the authoritative gem appraisal institutions IGI, NGTC or GIA to ensure the authenticity and carbon source of the products

Order Tracking

Order tracking

Once we receive the sample provided by you, we will give you a number. You can use it to check the status of your order at any time.

Customize your unique eternal diamond

The entire production process of Genetic Diamond is subject to strict quality control and carbon source monitoring. We uphold a very high ethical philosophy and ensure the authenticity of each diamond through a set of strict and orderly production standards. After the diamonds are refined, they will be sent to a third-party authoritative testing agency for grading testing to identify their clarity, color, and weight.


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